Sunday, December 5, 2010

Registering Disco Workbook in Apps R12

1) Create the workbook

2) Open the workbook in the Discoverer Desktop or Plus edition and go to
'File->Manage Workbooks->Properties' look for the value for 'Identifier'. Save this value.

3) Create a form function. The form function definition includes the properties listed in these tabs:

3.1 Description tab:
3.1.1 Function Name: XX_[FUNCTION_NAME] (it is accepted practice to identify customizations with an XX prefix)
3.1.2 User Function Name: This is the name that will show in the menu
3.1.3 Description: Add a description of the function if you want.

3.2 Properties tab:
3.2.1 Type : SSWA jsp function
3.2.2 Maintenance Mode Support: Leave as "None"
3.2.3 Context Dependence: Leave as "Responsibility"

3.3 Form tab:
3.3.1 Form: Leave the field blank.
3.3.2 Application: Leave the field blank.
3.3.3 Parameters: mode=DISCO&workbook=(workbook identifier from step2)&parameters=(Disco parameters name/values)

3.4 Web HTML tab:
3.4.1 HTML call : OracleOasis.jsp

3.5 Web Host tab:
3.5.1 Leave all fields blank.

3.6 Region tab:
3.6.1 Leave all fields blank.

3.7 Save the form.

4) Open the menu form as sysadmin.

4.1 Search for the main menu under which you want the link to appear.
4.2 Add the information you need such as prompt, submenu, description etc.
4.3 Enter into the Function field the name of the function you created in step 3.
4.4 Save the menu form.

A message will appear saying that a concurrent program will run to regenerate the menus.

5) Set below Profile options, if your End User Layer Name = EUL_US
ICX: Discoverer Default End User Layer Schema Prefix = EUL
ICX: Discoverer EDW End User Layer Schema Prefix = US

6) Bounce Apache and Forms.


  1. Hi Amith,
    At first it doesnot worked for me after adding those profile options which you posted here, its working fine.


  2. Hi Amith,
    Thanks for the support you have given me in completing the process of Discoverer access from Oracle Apps 12i. Regarding the document which you provided is good and I did as like that but I faced the problem because I didnt add the profile options as you showed here in the 5th step. Now it resolved. Nice document.


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