Thursday, August 12, 2010

RTF Template- PageBreak

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Insert definite space in RTF template
Use below syntax in Tag to insert space before or after in your template. As point increases, space also get increased.
(xsl:attribute name='space-before')100pt(/xsl:attribute)
(xsl:attribute name='space-after')100pt(/xsl:attribute)

Inserting pagebreak
1) Below is the simple syntax to add pagebreak

2) We can also use below syntax for before and after
(xsl:attribute name="break-before")page(/xsl:attribute)
(xsl:attribute name="break-after")page(/xsl:attribute)
3) Conditional pagebreak, use below syntax. Here we are inserting page-break if value of variable no_of_lines_per_page is equal to total records in loop inner_group. Variable is always referred by $ in XSL
(xsl:if xdofo:ctx="inblock" test="$no_of_lines_per_page=count($inner_group)")(xsl:attribute name="break-before")page(/xsl:attribute) (/xsl:if)
Note: Replace symbol '(' with '<' and ')' with '>' in all above xml/xsl syntax
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