Sunday, December 5, 2010

How to find OPP log file?

To investigate on XML issues or other publishing problems, often the OPP logfile is needed.
OPP stands for Output Post Processor. Below are the steps to find log file

1. Login to the application as SYSADMIN

2. Responsibility: System Administrator

3. Function: Concurrent --> Manager --> Administration

4. Select the Output Post Processor

5. Click on the Processes button

6. Select the Concurrent Process which was active during the time that the request ran

7. Click on the Manager Log button to open the Output Post Processor log file


  1. Directly from the file system based after identifying the corresponding OPP log file name using the following SQL statement:

    SELECT fcpp.concurrent_request_id req_id, fcp.node_name, fcp.logfile_name
    FROM fnd_conc_pp_actions fcpp, fnd_concurrent_processes fcp
    WHERE fcpp.processor_id = fcp.concurrent_process_id
    AND fcpp.action_type = 6
    AND fcpp.concurrent_request_id = &&request_id

  2. But then you wonder, what type of log monitoring tool should you write or download for your environment?seo log analyzer


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