Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Transaction Conversion Error/Resolution

raapem: no errors recordedraavgi()+ Current system time is 11-JUN-2009 06:21:11raavgi()- Current system time is 11-JUN-2009 06:21:12raapem: 0 <227439 you="you">/u03/dev1/apps/apps_st/appl/ar/12.0.0/bin/RAXTRXProgram was terminated by signal 11

This Error comes up if CODE_COMBINATION_ID is Null for any of the Transaction in Interface Table - RA_INTERFACE_DISTRIBUTIONS_ALL. Setup Receivables & Revenue Account properly for all Transaction Types, so that Correct CCID gets populated in Interface Table and we will get rid of this Signal 11 Error.

**ERRORERROR: from eBusiness Tax - return code = 2 Current system time is 08-MAY-2009 13:02:07Please review the plsql debug log for additional details. Current system time is 08-MAY-200913:02:07Error calling raaebt()Error calling raapic()Error.No.2)ZX_API_PUB.import_document_with_tax returns failureAn unexpected error has occurred. Please contact your system administrator.arp_etax_autoinv_util.calculate_tax()-

**SOLUTIONRun the following scripts in a TEST environment first and then to PROD:Please run ARHGEFTR.sql manually from sqlplus Dir: $AR_TOP/patch/115/sql/This will synch the data between fnd_territories_vl and hz_geographies.

**ERRORcalling raapem to record error
raapem: 2 <31486 the="the">

**SOLUTIONPrecision Length is Zero for Currency Codes. Increase the length to 2.

**ERRORError calling arcdsu_do_setup()
Error calling raaini()
No completion options were requested.
Exceptions posted by this request:
Concurrent Request for "Autoinvoice Import Program" has completed with error.

**SOLUTIONComplete the Setup as per Metalink Doc ID- 733835.1 (Point 5A & 7A)

**ERRORAPP-AR-11526: ORA-01458: invalid length inside variable character string
APP-AR-11526: 7207185/ar/lib/raamtr.opc 371

**SOLUTIONExtend the Buffer size in AR System Options screen(N) setup->system -> Options (Tab: Trans. and customers->)Set - Max memory in bytes = 3000000 and save changes.This setup step will prevent the error.

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