Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Discoverer Installation Steps (Secure Env)

1) Install BI Tool (discoverer) using below link:
- Apply below patch to upgrade discoverer to latest version-

2) Identify the Oracle Home for Discoverer
For example: You could find dis51usr.exe under the directory D:\oracle\BIToolsHome_1\bin. Then the Oracle Home is D:\oracle\BIToolsHome_1

3) Create a folder named "secure" in the ORACLE_HOME directory identified in step 2 (i.e. D:\oracle\BIToolsHome_1\Secure). Copy DBC files in this secure folder

4) Discoverer requires Windows Environment variables to dynamically retrieve the location of the .dbc file on the PC.

5) Open Windows Control Panel and double click on the System icon.

6) Select the Environment tab and create two new System Variables
NOTE: The Oracle Home is the one identified in step 2.

7) Restart the PC and you should be able to connect to Discoverer in an Oracle Applications mode EUL in secure mode.


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