Wednesday, June 9, 2010

TKPROF Utility

1) TKPROF is an utility and a unix command to format Raw trace file which is huge in size. It essentially formats a trace file into a more readable format for performance analysis.

2) Trace files are placed by Oracle in user_dump_dest directory as specified in the init.ora
Use below query to find the location of trace files
select value from v$parameter
where name = 'user_dump_dest';

3) Use the following Unix command on the server:
TKPROF tracefile exportfile [explain=username/password] [table= …] [print= ] [insert= ] [sys= ] [record=..] [sort= ]

Eg- tkprof ora_12345.trc output.txt explain=scott/tiger sort=(prsela,exeela,fchela)
Here Sort is on elapsed parse time, elapsed executed time and elapsed fetch-time.


  1. getting an error tkprof not found
    what is the reason?

  2. You need to set your environment properly like below

    export ORACLE_HOME=/user/oracle/product/102
    export PATH=$ORACLE_HOME/bin:$PATH


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