Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Form Compilation Commands

Login to Application Server on Unix Box for Compiling Forms


f60gen module=CUSTOM.pll userid=apps/(appspwd) module_type=LIBRARY batch=NO compile_all=special output_file=$AU_TOP/resource/CUSTOM.plx

f60gen module=XXPOCF.fmb userid=apps/(appspwd) module_type=form batch=no compile_all=special output_file=$XXPO_TOP/forms/US/XXPOCF.fmx


$ORACLE_HOME/bin/frmcmp_batch module_type=LIBRARY module=$AU_TOP/resource/CUSTOM.pll userid=apps/(appspwd) output_file=$AU_TOP/resource/CUSTOM.plx compile_all=special

$ORACLE_HOME/bin/frmcmp_batch module=$XXFND_TOP/forms/US/XXFND_FHLOG.fmb userid=apps/(appspwd) output_file=$XXFND_TOP/forms/US/XXFND_FHLOG.fmx module_type=form compile_all=special

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