Saturday, June 19, 2010

Tarball Creation

While working in OOD (Oracle On Demand) Environment, developers need to provide Tarball (Zip file) to oracle for migration of components. Below are the Unix Commands for the same.

mkdir TECH001
Move all files (.ctl, .rdf, .install, .ldt etc..) to above directory TECH001
tar -cvf TECH001_D_1.tar TECH001

chmod 777 TECH001_D_1.tar
compress TECH001_D_1.tar

Note- After Compress, Zip File- (TECH001_D_1.tar.Z) file will be created in /home/c_vghaya. Upload this Zip file to oracle for migration
Alternatively, you can also user below commands to explode this tarball and perform migration
pbrun impnpdb -u apdbtg7i
cd $XBOL_TOP/install
cp /home/c_vghaya/TECH058_D_1.tar.Z .
uncompress TECH058_D_1.tar.Z

Note- After Uncompress TECH001_D_1.tar file will be created in $XBOL_TOP/installchmod 777 TECH001_D_1.tar
tar -xvf TECH001_D_1.tar
Note- Above command will create TECH001 directory in $XBOL_TOP/install
cd TECH001
Now finally run .install file from TECH001 directory to transfer all files to respective folders
. XXEQ_AP_INVOICE.install BOLINF/Plin28tx APPS/(appspwd) $XBOL_TOP

Note: After running .install file, files are transferred as below. This install file is a shell script
1) .sql files --> $XBOL_TOP/admin/sql
2) .ldt files --> $XBOL_TOP/patch/115/import
3) .prog & .ctl files --> $XBOL_TOP/bin
4) .rdf files --> $XBOL_TOP/reports/US

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