Saturday, June 19, 2010

Report Compilation/Execution Command

Compilation Command

Login to Database Server and Run below Command

rwconverter userid=apps/xxx source=$XXCUST_TOP/reports/US/XXPRPOP.rdf dest=$XXCUST_TOP/reports/US/XXPRPOP.rdf stype=rdffile dtype=rdffile overwrite=yes batch=yes compile_all=yes

Execution Command

Login to Database Server and Run below Command

/devlappl/prod11iora/8.0.6/bin/rwrun60 USERID=$P_LOGIN PARAMFORM=no P_START_DATE=$P_START_DATE P_END_DATE=$P_END_DATE report=$v_RepFile BATCH=yes destype=file mode=character desname=$vOutFile desformat=delimited vRetCode1=$?


/devlappl/prod11iora/8.0.6 = Path for $ORACLE_HOME
$P_LOGIN = Userid/Password@Connect_String
$P_START_DATE, $P_END_DATE = Parameters
$v_RepFile = Path of RDF File
$vOutFile = Path of output delimeted text file


  1. THANKS A LOT! I find the code bit difficult to understand. I don't think I need to understand that. I just want to have basic idea of these topics. I think those who have coding knowledge only they can understand it.

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