Thursday, June 17, 2010

Concurrent Request Details

1) FND_CONCURRENT_REQUESTS stores information about individual concurrent requests.

2) ARGUMENT1 through ARGUMENT25 contain any arguments the application passes to the concurrent program. If the concurrent program needs more than 25 arguments to run, the first 25 arguments are stored in this table, ARGUMENT26 throughARGUMENT100 are stored in table FND_CONC_REQUEST_ARGUMENTS.

3) REQ_INFORMATION is used with report sets to remember the status of the request between runs.

4) When the request is set to use automatic resubmission, RESUBMITTED is a flag to indicate whether the request has been resubmitted or not.

5) IS_SUB_REQUEST is a flag that identifies a child request and HAS_SUB_REQUEST is a flag that identifies a parent request.

STATUS_CODE Column Values:
A- Waiting
B- Resuming
C- Normal
D- Cancelled
E- Error
F- Scheduled
G- Warning
H- On Hold
I- Normal
M- No Manager
Q- Standby
R- Normal
S- Suspended
T- Terminating
U- Disabled
W- Paused
X- Terminated
Z- Waiting

PHASE_CODE Column Values:
C- Completed
I- Inactive
P- Pending
R- Running

Detailed Query for Input Parameter Request ID

SELECT DISTINCT fcr.request_id, fcr.actual_start_date,
floor(((fcr.actual_completion_date-fcr.actual_start_date)*24*60*60)/3600) HOURS,

floor((((fcr.actual_completion_date-fcr.actual_start_date)*24*60*60) -
floor(((fcr.actual_completion_date-fcr.actual_start_date)*24*60*60)/3600)*3600)/60) MINUTES,
round((((fcr.actual_completion_date-fcr.actual_start_date)*24*60*60) -
floor(((fcr.actual_completion_date-fcr.actual_start_date)*24*60*60)/3600)*3600 -
(floor((((fcr.actual_completion_date-fcr.actual_start_date)*24*60*60) -
floor(((fcr.actual_completion_date-fcr.actual_start_date)*24*60*60)/3600)*3600)/60)*60) )) SECS,
DECODE (fcr.phase_code,
'C', 'Completed',
'I', 'Inactive',
'P', 'Pending',
'R', 'Running',
) phase_code,
DECODE (fcr.status_code,
'A', 'Waiting',
'B', 'Resuming',
'C', 'Normal',
'D', 'Cancelled',
'E', 'Errored',
'F', 'Scheduled',
'G', 'Warning',
'H', 'On Hold',
'I', 'Normal',
'M', 'No Manager',
'Q', 'Standby',
'R', 'Normal',
'S', 'Suspended',
'T', 'Terminating',
'U', 'Disabled',
'W', 'Paused',
'X', 'Terminated',
'Z', 'Waiting',
) status_code,
fcr.outfile_name, fcr.number_of_arguments, fcr.argument_text,
frt.responsibility_name, fav.application_name, fav.application_short_name appl_short_name, fu.user_name,
fu.description user_description, fu.start_date user_start_date,
fcp.concurrent_program_name short_name, fe.executable_name,
DECODE (fe.execution_method_code,
'B', 'Request Set Stage Function',
'Q', 'SQL*Plus',
'H', 'Host',
'L', 'SQL*Loader',
'A', 'Spawned',
'I', 'PL/SQL Stored Procedure',
'P', 'Oracle Reports',
'S', 'Immediate',
) execution_method,
FROM fnd_concurrent_requests fcr,
fnd_user fu,
fnd_application_vl fav,
fnd_responsibility_tl frt,
fnd_concurrent_programs_vl fcp,
fnd_executables fe
WHERE fcr.requested_by = fu.user_id
AND fcr.concurrent_program_id = fcp.concurrent_program_id
AND fcr.responsibility_id = frt.responsibility_id
AND fcr.responsibility_application_id = fav.application_id
AND fcp.executable_id = fe.executable_id
AND fcr.request_id = :request_id
-- AND fu.user_name= ''

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