Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Check Printing in R12

Login to XML Publisher Administrator, download below template and start customizing report. IBYDC_STD1.rtf file is the initial starting point for Check printing report customization in R12
Template = Standard Check Format
Data Definition = Oracle Payments Funds Disbursement Payment Instruction Extract 1.0
File = IBYDC_STD1.rtf

There are always lot of challenges to design check printing report as per clients requirement. I tried to cover most of them below:

1) Below link specifies all steps required for MICR Font Setup on our desktop and application server


For more details, refer to Metalink Note- 312353.1. This document describes how to set up the MICR font used in check printing.

2) Perform below steps to add signature in your RTF Template

a) Insert Picture tag in your template and click on Tab 'Web'
b) Insert url in that tab (Example given in separate article)

c) Finally copy your signature file Sample_Sig.gif in $OA_MEDIA top at Application server

You can refer separate article on this RTF Template- Signature Printing

3) In order to fix total number of rows on each page and then do pagebreak, go thru below link



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