Tuesday, June 1, 2010

AP Payment Administrator Setup in R12

1) Login to Payables Manager and Navigate to Setup > Payment > Payment Administrator

2) Click on XML Publisher format Template and create XML Template with below details. Attach required RTF Template for Check Printing
Data Definition = Oracle Payments Funds Disbursement Payment Instruction Extract 1.0
3) Create Format of Type=Disbursement Payment Instruction and attach XML Template to it

Note- If you want to get XML output, attach XML Template= Extract Identity to your Format and run through complete Payment process request. XML code comes as a single line in output file.

4) Create Payment Process Profile (PPP) and attach above Payment Instruction Format to it.

5) Now Navigate to Setup > Payment > Bank and Bank Branches and
Create Bank and Branch

6) Finally Navigate to Setup > Payment > Bank Accounts and create Bank Account with above Bank and Branch defined. Then click on Manage Payment Documents Tab and attach Payment Instruction Format defined above to Bank Account.

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