Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Item Category and Set Details

DISTINCT msi.segment1,
                   mcb.segment1 category_name,
  FROM apps.mtl_system_items msi,
       apps.mtl_category_sets mcst,
       apps.mtl_categories_b mcb,
       apps.mtl_item_categories mic
 WHERE     msi.inventory_item_id = mic.inventory_item_id
       AND mic.category_set_id = mcst.category_set_id
       AND mic.category_id = mcb.category_id
       AND msi.organization_id = mic.organization_id
       AND mcst.structure_id = mcb.structure_id
       AND msi.segment1 = '21138299'


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  2. Can anyone say me what does the column Segment1, segment2, segment3 in MTL_CATEGORIES_B specify?? I want the PO category, PO subcategory and PO category description to display...Thanks in advance

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