Friday, October 12, 2012

Order To Cash Cycle

  1. Enter Order in OM (Customer, Order type, Pricelist, shipping details, etc)
  2. Enter the Items details and sourcing details in Order Line
  3. Check for the availability and Book the Order
  4. Schedule and Reserve the Order
  5. Pick Release the Order (Reports here: Pick Selection List Generation, Pick Slip Report, Shipping Exception Report)
  6. Ship confirm the order in Shipping transaction form (Reports here: Bill Of Ladding, Packing Slip Report, Commercial Invoice, Vehicle Load Sheet Details, Interface Trip Stop)
  7. Line Status become Interfaced in Shipping Transaction form
  8. Sales Order Line status will be Shipped
  9. Run Workflow Background Concurrent request to close the workflow which in turn will close the order line.
  10. This will trigger Autoinvoice Master program (inturn it will run Autoinvoice Import Program)
  11. Then will trigger Prepayment Matching Program
  12. Invoice (Transaction#) can be found in Account Receivables
  13. After getting the Cash from customer, Create the Receipt.
  14. After creation of the receipt, match the receipt with the invoice transaction
  15. Once the receipt is matched, then the data can be transferred to General Ledger by running General ledger Transfer Program.
  16. Then Journal can be Imported in GL by Import Journals
  17. Then Journals can be posted to GL by Post Journals.

Note: You can also search for this in metalink, you can find excellent document published by Raju which has detailed steps alongwith screenshots and underlying base tables from OM, Shipping and INV modules

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