Sunday, December 5, 2010

Adding Special Menu Item in Form

a menuitem;

if (event_name = 'WHEN-NEW-BLOCK-INSTANCE') then
if (form_name = 'OEXOEORD' AND block_name = 'LINE') then
app_special2.instantiate ('SPECIAL15', 'Query Form');
SET_MENU_ITEM_PROPERTY (a, displayed, property_true);
SET_MENU_ITEM_PROPERTY (a, enabled, property_true);
end if;
end if;

if (event_name = 'SPECIAL15') then
if (form_name = 'INVIDITM') then
fnd_function.EXECUTE (function_name => 'INV_INVMATWB',
open_flag => 'Y',
session_flag => 'Y' );
end if;
end if;

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