Thursday, September 30, 2010

Printer Installation/Registeration in Oracle Apps

a) Login with System Administrator Responsibility
b) Navigate to System Administrator > Install > Printer
c) Printer and Drivers can be defined and registered using 4 following steps in sequence

1) System Administrator > Install > Printer > Driver

In order to make use of PDF Printing Directly from a Concurrent Program we need to have PASTA_PDF Driver existing in the Oracle Applications.

Driver Name : PASTA_PDF

User Driver : Pasta PDF Driver
Description : Pasta driver to print pdf converted to PostScript by 3rd party utility
Driver Method : Program
Driver Method Parameters : Spool File
Program Name : FNDPSTAX

2) System Administrator > Install > Printer > Style

We need to check whether a PDF Publisher Styles exists or not.

3) System Administrator > Install > Printer > Types

We need to Add a Customized Sytle to the following Type HPLJ4SI This Type supports maximum number of Printers with all types of Styles. Please add the PDF Publisher : PASTA_PDF Sytle to HPLJ4SI Type.

4) System Administrator > Install > Printer > Register

Now Register the Printer in Oracle Applications using printer type

Defining and Assigning the Printer at Concurrent Program Level

Usually we define Portrait or Landscape for the Style in the Concurrent Program at Output Tab.

Here we need to specific PDF Publisher as the Style in Concurrent Program and as well we have to mention the Name of the Printer which was registered in the Oracle Applications.

Run this program to get the output at Printer Tray


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