Wednesday, June 9, 2010

CUSTOM Library in Form

1) CUSTOM library is located in the AU_TOP/resource directory.

2) After you write code in the CUSTOM procedures, compile and generate the library using following command:
f60gen module=CUSTOM.pll userid=apps/(appspwd) module_type=LIBRARY batch=NO compile_all=special output_file=$AU_TOP/resource/CUSTOM.plx

3) The specification of the CUSTOM package in the CUSTOM library cannot be changed in any way.

4) You may add your own packages to the CUSTOM library, but any packages you add to this library must be sequenced after the CUSTOM package.

5) You cannot use any SQL in the library, however, you can use a record group to issue SELECT statements.

6) You can use calls to stored procedures for any other DML operations such as updates, inserts, or deletes.

7) Oracle Forms global variables in your code are visible to all running forms.

8) You may attach other libraries to the CUSTOM library. However, you cannot attach the APPCORE library to CUSTOM because it would cause a recursion problem (because CUSTOM is attached to APPCORE).

9) You should thoroughly test all logic you add to the CUSTOM library before using it in a production environment. Subsequent invocations of Oracle Applications will then run this new code.

You can code logic using the CUSTOM library for following main cases. Each of these cases must be coded differently.

: A Zoom typically consists of opening another form and (optionally) passing parameter values to the opened form through the Zoom logic.

Logic for Generic events
: Augment Oracle Applications logic for certain generic form events such as WHEN–NEW–FORM–INSTANCE or WHEN–VALIDATE–RECORD. You can use generic events to change field prompts and other properties, hide fields, add validation, and more.

Logic for Product–Specific events
: Augment or replace Oracle Applications logic for certain product–specific events that enforce business rules.

Custom entries for the Special Menus
: Add entries to the special menus for Oracle Applications forms using app_special2 routine from APPCORE2 package, such as an entry that opens a custom form. You can use total 45 Special Menus.
To invoke another form, use the function security routines like EXECUTE in the FND_FUNCTION package.

Setting Visual Attributes
: Use the CUSTOM library to change the visual attributes of Oracle Applications fields at runtime.

The CUSTOM library receives two different kind of events, generic and product–specific. Generic events are common to all the forms in Oracle Applications. These events are:

• SPECIALn (where n is a number between 1 and 45)
• KEY–Fn (where n is a number between 1 and 8)

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