Wednesday, March 27, 2013

List of Installed Applications

SELECT fat.application_id, fat.application_name, fpi.creation_date, fpi.product_version, fpi.status, fpi.TABLESPACE, fpi.install_group_num, fpi.db_status, fpi.patch_level, fpi.industry
FROM fnd_product_installations fpi, fnd_application_tl fat
WHERE fpi.application_id = fat.application_id AND fpi.status = 'I'

Different Column Values are as below:

S- Shared Install
I- Installed Product
L- Custom Product
N- Not Installed

0- SOA Products
1- MOA (Multiple oracle account) Products. It needs multiple oracle account to support multiple set of books

C- Commercial
G- Educational or Non-Profit Use
B- Project Billing
P- Project Costing

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