Monday, August 22, 2011

List of DFF

SELECT fa.application_short_name "Application" , fdft.title "Flex Field Title" , fdf.descriptive_flexfield_name "Flex Field Name" , fdf.application_table_name "Table" , fdf.freeze_flex_definition_flag "Freeze" , fdf.protected_flag "Protected" , fdf.context_column_name "Context Column" , fdft.form_context_prompt "Form Context Prompt" , fdf.default_context_field_name "Default Context Field" , fdf.context_required_flag "Required" , fdf.context_user_override_flag "Display Flag" , ffvs.flex_value_set_name "Conext Value Set" FROM applsys.fnd_descriptive_flexs fdf , applsys.fnd_descriptive_flexs_tl fdft , applsys.fnd_application fa , applsys.fnd_flex_value_sets ffvs WHERE fdf.application_id = fdft.application_id AND fdf.descriptive_flexfield_name = fdft.descriptive_flexfield_name AND fa.application_id = fdf.application_id AND fa.application_short_name in ('AR', 'SQLAP', 'PO', 'SQLGL', 'PA') AND fdf.context_override_value_set_id = ffvs.flex_value_set_id (+) AND fdft.title not like '$SRS$%' ORDER BY 1,2

Note- The flex fields that starts with "$SRS$" are used by concurrent programs

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