Sunday, December 5, 2010

Transfer Recon References in R12

Navigation: Setup > Financials > Subledger Accounting > Accounting Methods Builder > Journal Entry Setups > Journal Line Types

1) Query a seeded Journal Line Type and copy it by clicking on the Copy button at the bottom left of the form

2) Give your Journal Line Type code, name, and description a meaningful name.

3) Click on the Accounting Attribute Assignments button at the bottom right of the form

4) Pick a source for the Reconciliation Reference

5) Save.

Navigation: Setup > Financials > Subledger Accounting > Accounting Methods Builder > Methods and Definitions > Journal Line Definitions

6) Link the Journal Line Type just created to the Journal Line Definition. Copy a seeded one and create your own if needed.

7) Assuming that the JLD is already linked to the Application Accounting Definition, validate the Application Accounting Definition either in the form or via the concurrent program 'Validate Application Accounting Definitions'.

Assuming also that the Application Accounting Definition is already linked to the Subledger Accounting Method which in turn is already linked with the ledger, Create Accounting can now be run.

8) Once Create Accounting, Journal Import and the Post program in GL have completed, one can reconcile either manually or run Automatic reconciliation in GL.

To enable or disable reconciliation for accounting code combinations:

1) Navigate to the GL Accounts window (General Ledger: Setup > Accounts > Combinations).

2) Query the accounts that you want.

3) Navigate to the descriptive flexfield for the first account. The Regional Reconciliation Combinations window displays the default setting for this account.

4) Enter Yes or No to enable or disable reconciliation for this code combination.

5) Press the OK button.

6) Repeat steps 3 to 5 for each account.

7) Save your work.


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