Tuesday, June 29, 2010

View SQL Statement from OAF Page

Below are the detailed steps:

1) Update the following Profile Option Values to Yes at User level.
• FND: Diagnostics
• Personalize Self-Service Defn

2) Go to the Java OAF Page where the SQL Query executes

3) Click on the link About this Page in the bottom Left Hand Side of the page

4) Navigate to the Page Tab on the Top Left Hand Side of the page

5) In the Business Component References Details Section (You may need to expand this
section), Go to the View Objects Sub Section.

6) Find the Object that describes the piece of information that you want to find the query for

7) Click on the Link

8) The full Query used can be cut and pasted into a SQL Editor and the query run.
Note: You will have to find the Bind Variables passed to the query in order to do this!!


  1. This post explains view SQL statement from OAF page. The detailed steps are mentioned in this post. The given steps are very easy. You will understand them without any difficulty. Thanks for the post. I am very impressed with your work.

  2. looks like there is something else needs to configured. The two profile options mentioned were not sufficient to have access to 'About This Page' link. I was only able to do it with a SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR user!

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