Tuesday, June 29, 2010


What Is ROI?
Return on investment is calculated by dividing the average annual net benefits over a 3 year period by the initial costs:
(Y1+Y2+Y3)/3/initial cost
Benefits include both direct cost savings and productivity and other indirect benefits; costs include software, hardware, personnel, consulting, and training.

> 65 percent of Oracle E-Business Suite customers achieved a positive return on investment after an average deployment time of 3.1 years.
> 43 percent of SAP customers had achieved a positive return on investment after an average deployment time of 2.8 years.

1) Oracle’s average costs were 48 percent lower than SAP’s.
2) Oracle’s median costs were 29 percent lower than SAP’s.
3) Oracle’s average 3-year TCO was 48% lower than SAP’s.
4) Oracle’s median 3-year TCO was 34 percent lower than SAP’s.

1) It takes fewer internal personnel to deploy Oracle: an average of 81 man-months of internal personnel were needed for Oracle, compared to an average of 372 for SAP.
2) It takes less training to deploy Oracle: an average of 27 hours of training for Oracle, compared to an average of 49 hours for SAP

1) SAP projects are larger in scale and scope and thus take a longer time to reach positive ROI than Oracle.
2) More Oracle customers than SAP customers achieve a positive ROI. Ninety percent of Oracle customers can expect a positive ROI in fewer than 5 years.
3) SAP customers often face customization and integration challenges that slow deployments and increase consulting and personnel costs.
4) Oracle has a lower overall TCO than SAP


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  2. Oracle do has its own importance and usage and so does SAP. If we talk in terms of finances Oracle will be best option and not only this Oracle do has several more benefits over SAP. But still the point remains unanswered which is the best one ?

    1. I know these statistics look impressive, but where did you get them? The numbers I have seen are much less optimistic. It is always a good idea to be spesific about what resources you use before you publish.

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