Sunday, June 13, 2010

RTF Template- Word Features

Q. How to repeat table header on each page?
Ans: Right click on first row of table header and Go to table properties and click on Row Tab. Here check the second option checkbox- Repeat as header row at the top of each page. For rest of the rows uncheck this checkbox and check first option- Allow row to break across pages

Q. How to insert tag in header/footer portion of RTF template?
Ans. Usually we are not allowed to insert tag in header/footer. But we can insert text of the tag directly in header/footer, it indirectly work as a tag in template. Eg: (?CountryName?)
Q. Not able to print tag value even after opening the loop?
Ans. Sometimes we are not able to print tag value even after properly opening and closing the loop. In such case, provide complete path for tag in form field help text.
Eg: (?/OutboundPaymentInstruction/OutboundPayment/Payee/SupplierNumber?)
Q. How to remove line border between records of a table?
Ans. To manage line border between records of a table in loop, use outside border option in Formatting Menu of Word. If it still doesnt work, then create a table in excel by formatting cells and paste it in RTF template.

Note: Replace symbol '(' with '<' and ')' with '>' in all above xml/xsl syntax

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